Table of contents


Migrating to the Scottish Highlands
Ewes and Westerkirk
– what’s in a name – Jamestown – Nether Knock – Glendinning

A look over their shoulder: the Scottish historical context
Kin and clan – Laws of the Marches – Flodden and its aftermath – border reivers – Archbishop’s curse – Debateable Land – Elliot reivers – James VI of Scotland – last of the Stuarts – Union

Highland living and leaving
The Clearances – James and Christian Elliot – Strathglass – iving in Ross-shire – Rhoaggie – Contin – introducing ‘our’ James – emigration

Arriving in New Zealand
Sailing on the Star of Tasmania – arriving in Dunedin – moving on to the Strath Taieri – early settlement in the Strath Taieri – early shepherding – extremities of weather – an isolated lifestyle

Marriage and family
Marriage in Maungatua – early married life – keeping house and home – family – Scottish naming influence

Stepping up to farm management
Romarua – Garthmyl – Middlemarch

A partnership begins
A proposition – a deal done – memorandum of agreement  – Lauder Station – early Lauder – James Elliott the farmer  – James the man

A pastoral empire
Beginnings of a partnership – a proposition – a deal done
 – Memorandum of Agreement – Lauder Station
 – early Lauder – James Elliott the farmer – James the man

Blackstone Hill, 1891-1903
Early Blackstone Hill – Elliotts at Blackstone Hill
 – hospitality – recreation – the locals – prosperity in sight

Farming and farming life
Weather – winters – drought – the workers – the work – ploughing – irrigation – buildings – fencing – stock – rabbits – transport – droving stock

Family matters
An early death – a fire – a family wedding – a second death – a family  concern – schooling – health

Ownership in the Strath Taieri
Mount Ross – building a homestead – family and social activities – retirement

I. James & Margaret Elliott’s children and their families
II. James Elliott’s siblings who also came to New Zealand
III. Glossary
IV. Timeline
V. Jamestown Library
VI. List of runs leased by Ross & Glendining, as Lauder Station
VII. Lauder Station salaries and wages from the 1890 accounts
VIII. About Ross & Glendining
IX. Treatment regime for James Elliott Jnr’s skin condition

Notes and references

Acknowledgements: illustrations
and graphics



Epilogue: George Meek’s We Have Seen the Last Big Shearing