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SEPTEMBER 1942: Allied special forces launch commando operations against several Axis facilities deep behind the lines in Libya, during the build-up to the second battle of El Alamein. Most successful is a swashbuckling, damaging raid on the Italian-held Barce airfield and town, by Kiwi and British members of the Long Range Desert Group.

This is an anatomy of that raid, pieced together by LRDG authority Brendan O’Carroll from interviews with participants, official records from both sides in the conflict, and published accounts.

"It will read like a Boys Own ripping yarn, but that's just how it happened." (Barce raid veteran Merlyn Craw, interviewed for the book.)

Brendan O'Carroll's other books about the LRDG are Kiwi Scorpions (2000) and Bearded Brigands (2002).

“A well-told story of a fascinating group of men who performed incredible feats…adds greatly to the story of New Zealanders at war.” (Major Lindsay Amer in New Zealand Army News.)

“Brendan O’Carroll has done it again. Just when you think that an author has done his best work on a subject – The Kiwi Scorpions and Bearded Brigands – he pulls another rabbit out of his hat.” (Jack Valenti, www.lrdg.org)

"Well expressed, attractively presented and lavishly illustrated...a heroic story of daring and endurance." (Ron Tyrrell in the Otago Daily Times)



168 pages, hard cover and printed full colour on art paper (even the black and white photos are reproduced in sepia)

'International' work that describes the Barce action and its chaotic aftermath, from both the Allied and Italian sides.

Something for both general audiences and enthusiasts - it backgrounds  events, describes exciting action, discusses tactics and gives details and pictures of weapons, equipment, badges and insignia.

Heavily illustrated (238 illustrations, four maps). Includes 29 Kuno Gross photos taken recently in Libya that show what the action locations look like today.

Excellent photo reproduction on heavy coated art paper.

Full index.

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October 2005